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Our mission is to build equity in our community by developing tools and frameworks to foster inclusion and increase diversity in all phases of Apache projects.

We are guided by the values of respect, empathy, openness, patience, candor & dependability.


Become the most equitable open source foundation in the world


Short Term

Gather scientific data to diagnose current status of Diversity and Inclusion at the ASF.
Raise awareness in our community about the importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the business, and in the open source industry.
Have a measurable list of key indicators to track over time.

Medium Term

Instrument the Apache contributor funnel to establish a participation baseline for underrepresented groups.
Create a toolkit to address the top 3 entry barriers for new contributors from under represented groups.
Be the trusted, go-to partner for PMCs when it comes to D&I.

Long Term

Have committer on-boarding and retention plans, built with and agreed with the PMCs.
Improve the quality of Apache projects by increasing participation of at least one underrepresented group by 20% across all Apache projects.


The Apache Diversity community welcomes contributors who want to support our mission.

Mailing Lists


If you want to understand why diversity and inclusion are important, or want to philosophize with the community, this is the list for you.
To subscribe, send a blank email to diversity-subscribe@apache.org.
You can also read the archives on lists.apache.org


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To subscribe, send a blank email to dev-subscribe@mv302v.wcbzw.com.
You can also read the archives on lists.apache.org


Issue tracking

Content collaboration

Website GitHub Repository
The source code for this Apache Diversity website.

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